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University of Colorado at Boulder
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Structural and Functional Investigations
into Cytoskeletal Assemblies by
Cryo Electron Microscopy
and 3D Image Analysis

Resources:: Boulder Electron Microscopy Services
The Boulder Electron Microscopy Services is the new service center that replaces the Bio 3D Lab. The Bio 3D was founded by Keith Porter and was in existence for almost 45 years. Richard McIntosh followed Dr Porter as the Director, then Andreas Hoenger. Boulder Electron Microscopy Services stands on it's own as a service facility and the staff and their expertise are an excellent resource for electron microscopy research in the Hoenger Lab and the department.

The Journal of Cell Biology, volume 118

Eileen O'Toole, Boulder Bio 3D Lab

The Journal of Cell Biology, volume 144

Mark Ladinsky, Boulder Bio 3D Lab

Below: The trans side of the Golgi stack is at the top of the image, cis side is at the bottom.

Boulder Electron Microscopy Services is located in the Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology at the University of Colorado.

The Boulder Facility has expertise with a variety of cellular specimen preparations and image analysis to study the three-dimensional structure of cells and tissues. Techniques for rapid-freezing and freeze-substitution of samples, immunolabeling, serial-sectioning and high-resolution electron tomography are employed and advanced in the facility.

The primary imaging tools of this facility are two FEI Tecnai intermediate voltage electron microscopes operating at 200,000 and 300,000 volts.

For more information about Boulder Electron Microscopy Services please visit the web site http://mcdb.colorado.edu/facilities/ems/index.shtml

University of Colorado, MCDB, 347 UCB, Boulder, CO 80309-0347