Hoenger Lab
University of Colorado at Boulder
Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology

Structural and Functional Investigations
into Cytoskeletal Assemblies by
Cryo Electron Microscopy
and 3D Image Analysis

Images for print and screen - directions for downloads

Images for Print

Click on the image in the image gallery to download the pdf. These pdfs contain print quality images. These images are 300 dpi and are 400 to 1900 kb in file size.

Images for Screen (Powerpoint or web)

Click on the descriptive text below the image to dowload an image that you can use in Powerpoint or on the web. These images are 72 dpi and most are under 50 kb in file size. Images will open in another window and you can save them to your hard drive. On a PC, right click on the image and choose save, on a Mac go to file in the browser window and save,or click, hold and drag to desktop.

Click on the links below to puruse the galleries of images.

3d reconstructions and density maps of microtubules and molecular motors

Electron micrographs of microtubules and molecular motors

Docking, walking, and molecular models

Please feel free to use images for educational purposes in print or web display. If you do use them please make reference to the Andreas Hoenger Lab at CU Boulder.

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