Hoenger Lab
University of Colorado at Boulder
Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology

Structural and Functional Investigations
into Cytoskeletal Assemblies by
Cryo Electron Microscopy
and 3D Image Analysis

Images for print
Microtublules, Molecular Motors, and Intermediate Filaments
Electron Micrographs Eg5 monomeric and dimeric constructs Microtubules inner and outer surfaces decoration htau40,NcKIN co-decoration Microtubules decoration HURP
Intermediate filaments Intermediate filaments Microtubules decorated rK379-SH3 partial decoration htau40 NcKIN 355
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Vitreous sample microtubule em Zen4-555 decorated Tilt series tubulin Zn sheet Microtubules decorated and SH3 Click on text to download a low resolution image

Please feel free to use images for educational purposes in print or web display. If used please make reference to the Andreas Hoenger Lab at CU Boulder.

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